God’s heart is, and has always been, beating for people.

From the beginning of time, God had the Church in mind – people “called out” and “set apart” for His purpose. A group of passionate people, full of the Holy Spirit, changing the atmosphere of the world around them, and to bring hope and a future to others by being a part of God’s family.

In Napa, and the larger North Bay area, that is our heartbeat too.

Get Involved



We believe that 100% participation in prayer is vital to our success. As we ask, seek, and pray corporately and individually, God will speak to us, showing us what our part will be. We promise.



We want 100% of our people participating in some capacity. Maybe you’ve never given before. This is a perfect time to start, and to see God’s faithfulness that he promises (even challenges us to do) in His word. Is it a whole new way to trust God? Yes. Is it a sacrifice and challenge? Of course. But we guarantee that it is also the way we can affect an entire region for Christ.



We are believing for 100% of people who make a commitment to follow through – as God provides “seed to the sower.” We all want to take these pledges very seriously, as they are truly tied to individuals whose names we will be placing in the very foundations of our new home. Names of souls that we are believing for. Names of loved ones who keep us up at night in prayer sometimes. Names of those who just need a great church like ours.
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