Activate Pending Members

When someone signs up for your TFH Group on the website, the system will automatically add them as a pending member. The system will also send you an email with that individual's contact information, so you can reach out to them within 24-48 hours and introduce yourself.After talking with them, you can activate them in your TFH Group if they decide to join & attend your group.

You will follow the same steps for activating or inactivating a group member:

  1. · Go to your GROUP TOOLBOX by clicking your group's link on your MyTFH ACCOUNT Page.

  2. · Click the pencil icon that appears to the right of their name when you hover over the individual's name on your roster.

  3. Inactivate Member Step 1.jpg
  4. · Once you have clicked the pencil & opened the GROUP MEMBER EDIT Page, you will be able to change their group member status to active or inactive.

  5. · Click save.

  6. Inactivate Member Step 2.jpg

Pending Members can be also be found easily on your GROUP TOOLBOX Page, listed in a grid directly above your active group members.

Pending Group Member.jpg