Taking Group Attendance

OPTION 1 - Use the Weekly Attendance Email

Each week an email will be sent to your inbox on the day of your group.

  1. Click the Take Attendance button in the email
  2. Select the people in attendance or choose "We did not meet"
  3. Click Save

Are you not receiving Weekly Attendance Emails but want them? Let us know by emailing groups@tfh.org

OPTION 2 - Enter Attendance from your MyTFH Account

You can also enter attendance from from your My Account page on MyTFH (my.tfh.org).

  1. Login at my.tfh.org
  2. Go to your My Account page
  3. Click your group under the Groups section
  4. Click the Attendance tab
  5. Click the Add button (+) at the bottom
  6. Fill in the attendance form and click Save