Pure Desire Ministries

We know you want to be sexually healthy. In order to do this, you need healing from the effects of unwanted sexual behavior and betrayal trauma. The problem is you are stuck in a pattern which makes you feel powerless. We believe you were designed to live a life without sexual brokenness or betrayal trauma and the effects they can have on your future. Like you, we once felt powerless, but have found freedom and healing. We now have shared this healing with hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world.

Men's Groups

7 Pillars - Seven Pillars of Freedom will help men gain a greater understanding of the addiction process and how to break free from unwanted sexual behaviors, providing the safety, support, and tools needed to establish lifelong healing.

Hope for Men - Hope for Men uncovers the deep pain and fear that resides in men who have experienced betrayal. As you lean into Christ, He will bring healing to your soul and a new love for your wife.

Women's Groups

Betrayal & Beyond - Healing the Trauma of Sexual Betrayal - This group is for women who have experienced betrayal from sexual brokenness. Their healing comes from understanding the role of trauma, establishing healthy boundaries, exploring the depth of forgiveness, and learning to live in restoration.

Unraveled - Unraveled is for women who want to manage love, sex, and relationships in a healthy way. Through the use of strategic tools, weekly exercises, and self-care, learn how to unravel the messiness of relationships.

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