MyTFH Frequently Asked Questions

When you are logged in on the website, you will automatically get a customized experience because the website will display the content we think you are most interested in. Additionally, you can do things like:

  • Update your family members’ contact information
  • Manage any TFH Group that you lead
  • Manage your communication subscriptions & preferences
  • Register for events, classes, conferences, missions trips, TFH groups (previously called small groups), serving teams, etc. faster with the information from your profile
  • View your previous giving and download available contribution statements
  • Donate to missions trips or make payments on your own trips (will be connected to your TFH giving instead of Managed Missions)
  • Promote, share, and manage your missions trip fundraising page

Everything at TFH will now be streamlined, managed, and located in one place for your convenience. These features will be easier to access and utilize than TFH’s previous system, so there will be less steps and less confusion when it comes to missions, giving, registrations, etc. Additionally, TFH will be able to empower you with new tools, content, and features that will help you be an even better TFH leader and volunteer.

During your first visit to the website once this feature is enabled, you will click login, and then click register. Enter your information, and click next. You should enter the same email address where you currently or previously received The Weekly Newsletter or other TFH emails, if known. That is most likely the email address that TFH has on file for you, which will help you connect to your record in the church system. If you don’t want to use this email anymore, please enter it still - you can easily update your email to whatever your preference is after you access and claim your new TFH account.

The portal might say that they have found a person in the system matching your information. You can confirm or deny if that person is you, and then click next. You will have to confirm your email address and click the link in the email in order to login to the account that you have just connected to your record in the church database system.

You should check the same email address that you entered on the register page. If you have a problem receiving the email, please contact [email protected] so that the IT department can help you access your account.

If you are on a public browser (i.e. not your personal cell phone or your computer), we recommend that you log-in and log-out after each use, and do not save your log-in credentials in that browser. However, if you are on your personal cell phone or computer, it is safe to allow the computer to keep you logged into your account and store your login information for easier future use.

If you change any of the information on your family’s record, this will update your information for all of TFH. All TFH features will be powered from this new system, which will provide time-saving & user-friendly benefits to you, the TFH church member. You are more than welcome to update your information as needed, but please be aware that any changes will be reflected everywhere. For example, updating your phone number or removing your phone number will affect the check-in system and the data it utilizes to locate your family at the check-in kiosk. It is important to note that any phone number listed on the family record will work at the check-in kiosk (i.e. mom cell, mom work, dad cell, dad work, home phone).

The system will require one email address, and allow 1 mobile number, 1 home number, and 1 work number for each person.

You are in charge of what emails you receive. You have the power to manage your preferences and decide which emails are relevant and important to you, and remove yourself from the lists that you don’t find relevant or important to you. Rather than unsubscribing from all emails, we encourage you to read the options & unsubscribe from select lists. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive any TFH emails (even the ones you probably want, such as serving team announcements, TFH group leader emails, system emails such as password reset emails, etc.).

You can enable one number on your account to receive SMS messages from TFH, and you can also select “unlisted” if you do not want to receive SMS messages. Our goal is that we can send text messages or emails to our member, depending upon their preference and the context of whatever message is being sent.