Worship Leader Track Application

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Added: 3/3/2024


Please submit an audition video of you leading worship (at least the length of an entire song). This can be in a church setting or something you record at home! If you lead from an instrument, please submit a video of you singing and playing. If you do not play an instrument, you can use a backing track, but please be sure that your voice can be heard clearly over the track.

Please upload your video audition to YouTube. Make sure to set the privacy settings as “Unlisted” and title your video “Worship Leader Track Audition – (Your Name)”. Once you have uploaded it, please email worship@tfh.org with the subject: “Worship Leader Track Video Audition – JOHN SMITH (your name)” and put the video link in the email. Please keep in mind that we will not fully process your application until we have received your audition.

If you have any questions, please email Christine at worship@tfh.org